Top Web Design Tips to Help You Create a Smashing Website

You want to create a smashing website that attracts the attention of a lot of people, but you are not quite sure where to start. Then you will find this article particularly helpful and handy because we are about to share some of the most effective tips on how to create and design a website that resonates with your target auditory.

If you are ready to take the plunge and design a website by yourself, you will soon find out that despite the plethora of tips and recommendations you will find online, understand what to start with and what exactly to do so you can create a website that drives amazing traffic is not as easy and simple. Don’t worry, we are here to help you and we will provide you with some extra handy starter tips and recommendations on what to pay attention to when you are creating your own website.

Rough Sketch Is a Good Way to Start

Now, in order to create a good web design, you will rarely start with coding it. Diving into these deep waters right at the start of the project is almost always a recipe for disaster, so make sure to take small and smart steps and move your way forward following an efficient plan. Instead of diving into the deep ocean of website design, make sure to start with wireframing first, which means you want to simply sketch out a rough layout of your dream website design and doing it the old-fashioned way – on a piece of paper and with a pen in your hand. This will help you figure out all the elements you would like your website to be consisted of before you actually start with coding and wasting precious time on trying out different things and elements that do not work for your website. Remember that design thinking is essential for the success of your website, so don’t miss this important initial stage of the process.

Load Speed Is Important to Consider Now

Don’t you hate it when you visit a website and it takes forever for the page to load? You definitely don’t want your website to be of that kind, right? Therefore, you should definitely think of the load speed of the webpage right now, in this initial stage of designing the website. Since nobody is going to stick around and wait for your website to load, you want to ensure it serves the needs of all visitors swiftly, therefore work on the loading time. A good loading time can be achieved by choosing the right host for the page, also making sure you are limiting the larger items in your webpage design such as the number of images and videos displayed.

A Mobile-Ready Page is Necessarily

This is one of the most important tips you will get from this article – a mobile-ready page is a necessity for modern website design. Recent studies show that more than half of the webpage traffic nowadays comes from mobile devices and you definitely do not want to underestimate the power of a good and working mobile page design and functionality. In order to be able to cover the needs of users from all devices of life, make sure that all elements of your website are working, responsive and functional in any gives resolution and when used from different devices. Also, do not forget to use a platform that optimizes your images for the mobile version of your website.

Learn the Basics of UI/UX Design

When it comes to designing a good website, one thing can be said for sure – a good user experience is what will draw traffic to your website and make it enjoyable and functional for users. Users want and need to feel that your website is easy to navigate and use, this will make them come back. You also want to think of a design that resonates with a lot of people and attracts attention. Making sure you have covered these elements means you will be most surely able to enjoy a lot of clicks and views, high traffic. Learning some UI/UX design will help you ace the user experience on your website.

Visual Hierarchy Is Important Too

Where you will place different things and elements on your website is not just a matter of how you like it, it is extremely important and it is a matter of customer psychology and proper marketing. Since we are all visual creatures and we “digest” a big part of the information we receive on a daily basis through our eyes, it is your responsibility to present visitors with information that is easy to digest if you want to create a good website that attracts people. It is crucial to make sure people will retain the data you are presenting them with.

As a simple example, placing a large video on top of your page means that almost every user is going to see it. Whatever you put on top of your page will be the first and the most important piece of information visitors will get from your website, so make sure it is something important. It is proven that human eyes follow a certain pattern when reading, therefore, it is important to make sure you are guiding the eyes of all visitors of your website with well-placed and well-curated content in a natural for the eyes manner.