Xl-2. Net

Just a few of the types of business we have designed web sites for are listed below.

NET are proud to announce we support www.retail-charity.com in their efforts to raise funding for UK charities through online shopping. Please take a look. You can shop online as normal but give to charity at the same time, without it costing you a penny more.

Our experience in building web sites for traditional businesses, plus the advantage of photographers in every part of the UK for any pictures you may need for your new web site, makes it very easy for us to build your website. We are on hand to advise and help at every step of the way and remember, we don't take any money off you in advance. Yes, you are commited to monthly payments, but if we don't deliver your site as you want it you haven't wasted a penny. And although we can speak jargon if we have to, we don't unless you want us to!