Toucher Web Design

People sometimes ask what the name "TOUCHER" has to do with Creating Websites. Actually I play lawn bowls and when I was starting out I decided to use "Toucher" as it is a lawn bowls term used when referring to a bowl that has touched the jack or in other words a successful bowl. It also clearly illustrates my prime objective in website design, which is to create websites that "reach out and touch" your prospective client base. The Toucher Web Design firm was first created in 2001 when I got started in freelance website design after a long career in Electronic Engineering and IT.

My first website was created for a Computerised Maintenance Management business venture with which I was involved a few years ago. Having an electrical engineering and computing background I had decided that I could probably create the website that was required for this business myself. I read a bit, bought the required web design software and quickly got to work creating the website.