At Cheltenham web design company Bluelinemedia, we only provide web development. We're specialists in making websites and web-based software solutions that make things easier for the user. Started in 2001 by three friends, we're now a web design team of 6, with a large customer base and constant yearly increase in business. We continue to grow by looking after our clients and our website users, and we're proud that most of our work comes from existing clients. We like our size. We're big enough for professional processes, there's always someone at the end of the phone, and we can cope with big projects.

And we're small enough to keep an informal working atmosphere, adapt quickly, and be personal with our clients. As a team of 6 we care about what we produce and constantly try to improve the way we work. We've worked on a wide variety of projects and for lots of different clients, from one-man bands and brand new businesses, to multinationals and household names.