BB83 Web Design

I've lived in and around Oxfordshire all my life and am currently based in Lechlade on the Oxford/Gloucestershire border. I originally trained in Graphic Design at college, and learned my trade in the traditional print background. In 2006 I moved into the world of Online Publishing. For the past 7 years I've been working as a Digital Content Manager for a large academic publisher based in Oxford. It's here that I learned coding skills in XML/XSLT, which lead to my interest in HTML and web design.

Thanks to my existing Graphic Design skills I found that web design came naturally. I picked up the CSS/HTML languages very quickly, and have been running with it ever since. Although I've been designing for many years, I've only recently decided to venture into the world of freelancing. I still enjoy my day job working in publishing but my real passion is for digital design. My idea behind BB83 is to offer a 'complete package' web design service for individuals and small businesses.