Web Page Design - Professional web sites from £395 all designed and tailored to your specifications to include pictures, photographs, text, graphics and your logo if you have one. Your new site can be based on your existing brochure and marketing material or, we can build a totally new low cost web site design of your choice to advance your internet marketing. Hosting - Low cost hosing packages from only £63 per year to include up to 5 POP3 email addresses and a FREE.co.uk domain name. Quality hosting is available for sites designed by 3B Designs. Or, for your own work - if you want to design the site yourself and are just looking for hosting. Email - POP3 email accounts included in all packages with Webmail access (Or you can still use an existing email address). Web sites include email links or forms to be filled in and sent to your email address. Domain Names - Are always registered in your name and address. You may have any domain name as long as it is available.